Turk Barter is offering its values as an environment-, society- and customer-focused institution with global and strategic understanding, respecting resources and aiming efficiency, with good command of scientific and total quality, prioritizing agreement, change and sharing. Therefore, our human resources are composed of persons sharing and experiencing these values. Some of the major themes constituting Turk Barter's Corporate Culture are as follows:
Endowed with knowledge and learning constantly,
With excellent command of English and Turkish, and high communication skills,
Able to act based on the customer,
Able to take initiatives, make decisions,
Open to change,
Respecting his/her job and the institution,
Eager but has emotional intelligence,
Not waiting to be assigned a job, generating business,
Not waiting to be managed, managing his own business,
Not ruling, but directing,
Not solely criticizing, but developing solutions,
Generating business on time with zero error,
Respecting the rights of the others,
Following up on information and standards related to his/her global business,
Prioritizing unlimited quality in services and internal and external customer satisfaction,
Individuals capable of transforming each dream into a goal, and each goal into a project.
Turk Barter Personnel Selection Assignment Process
Turk Barter employs new employees in line with the emerging requirements. Employment process develops as follows; the CV’s received in response to announcements placed in national newspapers and websites are recorded in the data bank, individuals with the required qualifications are invited for interviews, individuals who are hired following several stages of interviews go through a certain training processes and then start to work.
Individuals finding their career objective in Turk Barter may complete the Job Application Form provided on our Human Resources page and forward their CV’s to us. The CV’s you will submit shall be evaluated in line with the personnel requirements and kept strictly confidential.