Turk Barter is an institution that has serious contributions to the development of the Barter System. Its projects in Turkey and worldwide constitute an example in various grounds. We have observed that the International Reciprocal Trade Association closely follows the activities of Turk Barter and attempts to mount them into their own applications.
We see that in the basic approach of the Barter System five models can be used. To administer the companies with the best fit model in the Barter system ensures the healthy activity in every respect. For that reason different representatives are trained for each member and companies are served by these special representatives. In the beginning of these services, composing a tailor made project is predicted for each member. It has been observed in our experiences that every single transaction has unique specialties different from the others. For that reason before every Barter transaction some processes have to be experienced. To serve this aim, Turk Barter is the first company to execute the Project Information Form.