1. 1. What is Barter?

Barter is the exchange of goods in between two companies.

Barter is a platform run by an organizing company with the Common Market mentality.

  Barter is to purchase the required goods and services by selling the goods and services that you own.

2.  What is the Barter System?

Barter is a model that the trading is done.

It is financial exchange done by applying a systemized Barter model.

The Barter System is the execution of clauses and systematic substructure which will be appropriate for the Barter trading by a Barter company.

3.  What is the place of Turkey in the World Barter System?

As with every other field, it is hang back in this sector as well.

  It has a good position.

It has a fairly good position. Thanks to Turk Barter it constitutes an exemplary application for the world.

4. What is the position of Turk Barter in the Barter Sector?

Turk Barter is the leader of the sector.

Turk Barter is the only Turkish company that is the member of International Reciprocal Trade Association(IRTA).

Turk Barter is the only Barter company in the world which won the highest turnover prize for two years in a row.

Turk Barter has the 80% of the whole Turkish Barter Market.

Turk Barter is the first ISO 9000 certified Barter company in the world.


5.  How does the Barter System work?

Every company can work with the Barter system.

To make a contract with Turk Barter is sufficient to be able to work with the Barter System.

The companies can be engaged in trade in between themselves. They can declare that they have realized these trades with Barter to the Barter companies whenever they like.