For how long have you been a member of Turk Barter System.


1. For how long have you been a member of Turk Barter System.

0-1 Months

1-3 Months.

3-6 Months.

6-12 Months.

1-2 Year

2-4 Year

4 Year and  above

2. What is your total Barter transaction turnover up until now?

In between 0-50.000 TL.

In between 50.000- 100.000 TL.

In between 100.000- 250.000 TL.

In between 250.000- 500.000 TL.

In between 500.000- 1.000.000 TL.

In between 1.000.000- 2.000.000 TL.

Above 2 Million TL.

3.  How did you communicate with your latest Broker?

Face to face

Over the phone

Through E-mail

Through fax

4.  When did you last realized a Barter transaction?

Within the last week

Within the last 2 weeks

Within the last month

Within the last 3 months

Within the last 6 months

5.  Have you ever used credit when working with Barter System?



6.  How is Barter Credit used?

Application is done by filling in a Barter Credit Demand Form on the website.

By getting in contact with the broker, the request to use credit is communicated.

The application is made by informing the Operation department over the phone.

The credit is demanded by applying to the marketing department