Barter Insurance

In our insurance activities, which have started in year 1995, we have managed to develop rapidly and become one of the renowned insurance brokers.

With our desire to provide services at a higher category in the insurance sector in which we have devoted many years, we have decided to become an Insurance Broker in year 2008. We have completed the establishment procedures rapidly and have received our Life and Non-Life Insurance Broker’s License from the T.R. Undersecretariat of Treasury on 10.10.2008.

Our goal is to act as an insurance and risk advisor for our customers and to minimize their risks, by ensuring these at the most appropriate, most accurate level, to help minimize probable risks by informing our insured on the measures that can be taken prior to the occurrence of any damage, and to stand by our customers in cases of any losses that may develop, in order to allow for a speedy conclusion of the damage process.

The fact that our company is composed of three partners and has an organization structure based on the deep mutual confidence in each other shall allow us a superb velocity in rapid and efficient business.

The fact that we are working with the barter and the finance sectors will allow us with superiority over our competitors.