Barter Tourism

TourismBank has started its operations in year 2008. The TourismBank travel agency, which is a member of the Turk Barter group of companies, has been established to meet the demands of a wide portfolio of customers in the tourism sector. The customer satisfaction approach that comes into prominence in the services sector also holds true for us. However, as TourismBank, it also provides our customers the alternative of Barter to pay in return for the costs of the services provided in the tourism sector.

Tourism is a sector that varies periodically, seasonally and in line with demands. It may be expanded as summer tourism, winter tourism, health tourism, recreational tourism, sports tourism, faith tourism and other similar areas. There is a high demand by tourists from all countries in the world for our country, due to its very ancient history. Meanwhile, domestic tourists are giving higher priority to tourism than ever before, with their demands.

As TourismBank, our goal is to be able to meet the constantly growing and changing demands of customers in all areas of tourism and to achieve the most perfect services, especially by meeting the demands of the domestic customers.”